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    Elevator music is pretty MUNDANE 😑🎶 But some would say it's relaxing! If it's your kind of thing, here's a selection of pretty mundane tracks...

  • The Queer T-Shirts exhibition and zine launch

    Thank you, everyone, who was able to make it to the first MUNDANE event. And thanks to those who have supported The Queer T-Shirts Project in any way over the past couple of years. 🏳️‍🌈✨

    Here's a look back at the zine launch and exhibition held in Hackney Wick, London for Pride 2019.

  • Pride never ends, just like rainbows 🌈

    Did you know that rainbows can be viewed as a full circle in rare situations? However, due to the positioning of the Sun and the angle you're viewing them from, they tend to fade and appear as a semi-circle.

    Rainbows really are so fitting with the queer (LGBT+) community. I love that the colours represent the broad diversity and true vibrancy of our community. But the idea that rainbows 'never end', meaning we are all one group with endless identities and expressions, whether visible or not, is also a really nice thought.

  • Why you need to support queer artists and organisations

    Over recent years, I’ve noticed fast-fashion brands, such as H&M, Topshop/Topman and Zara, becoming increasingly involved in Pride. Last 'Pride season', I visited all the big clothing chains on Oxford Street to see what they had to offer. All of them had a clear window display and a prominent section in-store dedicated to Pride, which was essentially colourful clothing with rainbows and simple inclusive phrases such as ‘unity’ or ‘love is love’.