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The Queer T-Shirts exhibition and zine launch

Thank you, everyone, who was able to make it to the first MUNDANE event. And thanks to those who have supported The Queer T-Shirts Project in any way over the past couple of years. 🏳️‍🌈✨

Here's a look back at the zine launch and exhibition held in Hackney Wick, London for Pride 2019.


Entrance to the Queer T-Shirts exhibition
Inside the Queer T-Shirts Exhibition, with guests and Pride T-shirts on display
Pride T-shirt on display with a message on queer spaces
Mirror with a question above reading 'what would you tell your younger queer self?'
Exterior of the Queer T-Shirts exhibition with a Pride flag draped above the entrance
Guests in MUNDANE's Pride T-shirts
'Don't worry everything will be amazing' smiley Pride T-shirt on display
Zines on sale at the Queer T-Shirts zine launch
Bartender behind the bar at the Queer T-Shirts exhibition and zine launch


You can read more about The Queer T-Shirts Project and purchase the zine through our website here or from one of our stockists.

The Pride T-shirts, pins and badges are available to purchase on our website here. Proceeds support artists involved and sustaining the publication and its projects.